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Name: Chanelle Becker

Favorite Celsius: Lemon Lime & Crispy pear

Why I am and want to be an ambassador for Celsius:

First of all, I have always had Celsius as my favorite drink when it comes to energy and vitamin drinks, incredibly good and pure flavors. I am also a fitness athlete and I work out a lot, which means I need the energy kick for my workouts, here Celsius is perfect. The fact that the Celsius team is such a fantastic bunch is a big advantage, such great community and joy that is there is the difficult to find. Then being an ambassador and get to experiencing such amazingly fun things and creating memories for life is absolutely fantastic. And this community has made us grow so much in recent years. We have grown internationally and are getting bigger and bigger every day, I´m looking forward to what is to come. I am an ambassador for Celsius because I stand for the product and because I get to hang out with such a fantastic bunch of people with so much joy.

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