About Celsius

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CELSIUS is the original functional energy drink for active people in the Nordic countries. It was launched for the first time in Sweden in 2009 – which was a huge success transforming the Swedish categories of functional drinks and energy drinks.

CELSIUS is and has always been completely vegan, free of carbohydrates, containing only natural flavors and colors. That is why it tastes so good! CELSIUS contains seven different vitamins and green tea, ginger, guarana and caffeine.

We are dedicated to offer the best flavor profile of all functional drinks.

CELSIUS provides you with energy to perform better during your workouts and in your everyday life.

Welcome to the world of CELSIUS! We are more than just an energy drink. We are a community of like-minded people, a movement, a big family.
We share the same values ​​- being positive, supportive and inclusive. Regardless of your personal goals – we support you on your journey to achieve them.

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